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Every Body Deserves Care

Everyone deserves a beneficial treatment massage! Skin color, sexual orientation, sexual identity, what you eat, social status, what you do for a living, how busy or not busy you are, how you exercise, and weight do not determine whether you deserve a massage (and are also not indicative of your health status)! Those with anxiety in these areas find it intimidating to allow their body to be cared for by healthcare practitioners. Some people even have trauma related to unfortunate experiences with healthcare practitioners. Receiving massage can be very difficult for those who are victims of abuse and shame or those have self-harm scars, body dysmorphia, or an eating disorder.

I invite you to learn trust again through allowing vulnerability. Let’s take your healing process to the next level in the safe environment of my massage space. Treatment massage is not only beneficial for the physical body, but also for the nervous system and mental health. Call me to design a massage that’s right for you and where you are right now. Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and massage can be combined to further your healing from trauma and shame. Let’s heal you, one massage at a time!